Business Loan / Personal Loan Overview :

A Personal Loan is a multi-purpose loan that a bank provides without any security. You may use the money for any of your desired reasons, you can avail Business loans for Business expansion, fill working capital gap, Property Investment for Business, and Personal Loans can avail for  Buying consumer durables, pay for wedding expenses, or meet any of your goals.  Obviously, since this is an unsecured loan, the bank will insist on a clean credit history to obtain a personal loan. Paying credit card bills on time, EMIs on existing loans on time, not having cheque bounces all help in creating a clean credit history.

Our team will help you to find better option for business/personal loans that which bank is best for you according to your documents and end use of the loan.we will help you to negotiate with banks for interest rates and other terms & conditions. we ensure you to give you the best services desired.

Advantages :

  •   No Security/ No Collateral/No Gurantors
  •   Favourite tool to raise capital for corporates
  •   Speedy Approvals & Disbursements
  •   Less Documentations
  •   Repayment Period Up to 5 years
  •   Loan Amount 5 lacs to 200 lacs

Documents Require :

  • Passport size photographs
  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof 
  • Income Proof of last two years
  • Last six month bank statement

In case of Salaried
  • KYC documents
  • Copies of  Salary slip for last six months.
  • Latest Form No.16 of two years